How to find and rent Linux reseller hosts

In a bid to increase the quality of its hosting, Google announced a new feature this week that allows hosts to quickly find and rate Linux resellers, which is a feature that’s been sorely missing in recent years.

The feature will work on Linux desktops as well as on the Mac, Windows, and Android operating systems.

The new feature will be rolled out in the next few days and will allow hosts to rate Linux-based resellers as well.

“Linux resellers are a very large and growing part of our business.

We love their work and they have an incredible customer base.

The quality of our Linux hosting solutions is top notch and we’re excited to roll out the new feature to help our customers find and recommend the best resellers,” said Mike Gagnon, senior vice president of Google Search.

The news comes a few months after Google’s Chromecast became the first device to offer Google Play Music and Google Play Movies, as well, with more devices to follow soon.

In March 2017, Google also launched the Linux desktop on the Android platform, allowing users to browse and play their music, movies, and TV shows from the Android operating system.