Fox Sports: “Bastion” to get Fox Sports Go for $49.99, with no ESPN subscription

Fox Sports will be getting an update to its NFL streaming service in the coming weeks, with an app and website to be released in the next couple of weeks.

The company announced the updates Tuesday at its “Bachelor in Paradise” event, which aired on Tuesday.

The new app will be compatible with the existing Fox Sports GO app, which is available on Apple and Android devices.

It will also work with a new Fox Sports app that is expected to be available next week, and that will work with Apple TV, Roku and Xbox One consoles.

The new app features a “multi-device experience” and “a whole host of new features,” including a “new look, new look, and new look with more features,” according to Fox Sports CEO John Skipper.

“A whole host more features” include “premium premium features” that include “playlists,” “live scores,” “a game-by-game analysis,” “player profiles” and a “game history.”

In addition to the apps, Fox Sports said that it will be offering two new premium packages: “The Most Expensive Package” for $99.99 and “The Best Package” which will cost $99, plus a $5 per month Amazon Prime subscription.

There are also plans to add “more and more” premium packages in the future, including “The Highest Quality Package” priced at $149.99 for $100 a month and “Premium Package” pricing for $199.99 a month.

“The most expensive package will be available on all Fox Sports channels and will be the most expensive of the packages,” Skipper said.

“There will be no other packages that will be exclusive to or that we don’t believe have value to our customers.

We have made the decision to continue to build our platform as we move into the new year.”

Fox Sports is offering a new “Premium” package for $119.99 that includes a Fox Sports subscription for $10 a month, Fox’s flagship network, as well as access to the new FOX Sports Go app, as part of its package.