Oracle Linux hosting site goes dark due to security breach

Linux hosting company Oracle is shutting down its Linux hosting business in the US, citing a security breach.

The announcement came hours after Oracle announced that it had lost its security certifications for its cloud hosting services.

It said it would not reopen its cloud computing platform until the security breach was resolved.

Oracle had been trying to secure the servers that housed its data centers.

In a statement to TechCrunch, Oracle said that it is closing down the Oracle Linux Hosting and Developer Services (ALDS) business in order to resolve a security vulnerability.

Oracle said the breach occurred in the past year and affected a number of sites in the United States and Europe.

The company said it has now confirmed that the breach was an internal security issue that was not disclosed to the business.

Oracle declined to say how many of the affected sites were closed or how many employees lost their jobs.

Oracle said it did not release any further information about the security vulnerability because it was a sensitive matter and was not part of Oracle’s regular IT operations.

Oracle, which has about 1.5 million customers, announced the closure of the ALDS hosting business on Tuesday, citing an “ongoing and significant incident.”

It said that the company has closed its cloud services in the U.S. and Europe and is suspending the services in those countries.

Oracle has not said when it plans to resume the cloud services, but it has previously said that all servers will be shut down in the next several months.

Oracle did not disclose the number of people that lost their job.

The Linux community has reacted to the announcement.

On Tuesday, the Linux Foundation said in a statement that the closure “will further hinder efforts to protect Linux customers.”

Oracle is not the only major Linux company to shut down a cloud hosting business, including Microsoft and Google.

In March, Facebook announced that its Cloud and Enterprise Solutions business would close, as well.

Google announced in November that its Enterprise Cloud Services business would shut down.