Alpine Linux hosts the latest update for the Macbook Air: Intel processors, RAM, and SSD

A number of people have been getting their Macbook air running on Linux lately.

The latest updates have not been as stable as some of the ones released by Apple, and some of them are still running on a non-Intel processor.

Some users are also reporting that they can’t install Linux on the MacBook Air, which is a pretty odd situation considering it is supposed to run on an Intel processor.

But now, it appears that the Mac update is finally working, as it appears the Mac’s OS X installer has finally resolved a problem with Intel’s CPU.

According to a new article from Ars Technica, the update to macOS Sierra will resolve a problem that could cause the Mac to crash and shut down after a few minutes.

The issue is that some processors are only supported on one of Intel’s four CPUs, which causes the Macs CPU to crash if the CPU supports more than one of the processors.

“We’re aware of an issue with the macOS Sierra installer which could cause a crash when installing a new macOS release,” a spokesperson for Apple told Ars.

“As such, we are updating the macOS installer to prevent this issue.”

It seems that the fix for the problem will likely come from an Intel BIOS update, but it is unclear how soon that update will become available.

We have reached out to Apple for further details, but we’ll update if we hear back.

Apple has not confirmed the issue and no specific details about the fix are currently available.

A spokesperson for Intel declined to comment on the issue.