Which Linux distros are best for hosting virtual machines?

By default, the Linux distro is set to use the VM host as the default virtual machine host, but that can be changed in the host configuration file by editing the vmhost configuration option.

This is particularly useful when you are using the Linux kernel as the kernel source, because if you do not provide an alternative kernel source (such as a package that ships with the kernel) then the VM will use the host as it’s default virtual host.

However, if you are not using the kernel as a kernel source and you have a custom kernel source that is not included with the package, then the host will use that kernel source.

This can cause some problems for users of custom kernels, as some of the options may not work for them.

If you need to change the host in this way, then it is possible to edit the vmconfig option of the host to enable or disable the default host.

You can also edit the host’s kernel option to specify the host kernel source by setting the vmHost kernel option, for example: # host vmhost=linux vmhost kernel source