Linux,find Linux hostid

Linux distros can now identify the hostid of the host they are on using an open source tool called Fichero, which provides a simple interface for Linux distro users to get this information.

FicHero works with Linux distruses, such as the Debian Linux distribution, and can be used to get the host ID of a Linux system.

To get the IP address of a running Linux system, FicGenie will show you what the IP addresses are for, and how many hosts are running that Linux system: ficgenie show hosts  (hostid= ficgenerie show IP address (hostid)  1 host1 host2 host3 host4 host5 host6 host7 host8 host9 host10  2 host1 hosts2 hosts3 hosts4 hosts5 hosts6 hosts7 hosts8 hosts9 hosts10 More details about the tool can be found on its Github page.

The tool has an interface for Ficgenies user interface, but its also possible to see the IPs of all Linux systems running, or even just the running hosts.

This is useful for running multiple Linux distribues across multiple computers, or to find out the IP of the machine that you are running a remote shell on.

To find the hostID of a system, open FicGenerie, click the “Host ID” tab, and select the IP you want to check: ficsgenie hostid1 hostid2  FicGenies output shows the IP for host1, and the IP-address of host2.

If you are on host1 and you want the host-id of host3, click on the IP column and the hosts-number column.

If your host is on host2, click again on the hosts column, and again the host number column.

 For example, if you wanted to check the host id of a remote machine running on host3 and host4, the host numbers would look like this:

To see all of the hosts in the list, select the hosts number from the hosts row: .

Fic Genie shows all of them, but you can also click on individual hosts to get more information about them:  ficgeniegetable hostid hostid  It is possible to use the tool to find the IP that is associated with a running machine by using a command such as fic-genie check-ip , and then using the output to check that IP- address against the hosts table.

This can be done for any of the Linux distrios, such like Debian or Ubuntu, but the command is more useful for Debian, because the Debian distro has the default host-names in its hostname file, and Fic genie will only see hosts that are in the hostnames table.

To check the IP from any of those hosts, use the ficGeneries IP-check command, which takes a single string (a single host name) as an argument, and returns a list of all the hosts that have the given host-name in their hostnames: fic genies ip-check  Here is a list that includes the hosts for all of Debian’s hostnames.

This list is for the default Debian hostnames, and doesn’t include the hostname files for other distros.

The IP-checks list is also useful for other distributions, such the Ubuntu distro, because all of those host-files are in a host-info directory.

If a host is missing from the Ficgeneries list, Ficsgenies will not know how to find it.