Parsec hosts linux based hosting for bitcoin startup

Parsec, a cloud-based hosting company, has signed a deal with startup Bitcoin Core to host bitcoin startup, according to a post on the company’s website.

Parsec will provide a “secure” hosting solution for Bitcoin Core and Bitcoin Cash, and will help integrate the new blockchain with Parsec’s existing cloud infrastructure, the company said.

Parsec CEO Mike McCorkle described the new arrangement as a “once-in-a-lifetime opportunity” and described Bitcoin Core as “the world’s first Bitcoin powered company.”

Parsec’s first foray into bitcoin hosting was in late 2013 when the company was the first to host the decentralized version of the cryptocurrency.

In January 2014, Parsec acquired a “hosting” company called Viacom-backed Parsec Hosting to host its own version of bitcoin.

In August 2014, the Parsec hosting team announced the acquisition of the services provider, which would eventually become the largest bitcoin hosting provider in the world.

The company also recently launched a bitcoin wallet service called Parsec Wallet, which it hopes will help bring bitcoin adoption to mainstream consumer wallets.

“Bitcoin has become a critical technology for the future of commerce, investment, finance, and education.

Bitcoin Core has built an ecosystem for this currency, which has made it a very appealing and viable option for small businesses and startups looking to grow their operations and scale,” Parsec said in a statement.

“With this partnership with Bitcoin Core, we’re able to offer a unique and secure hosting solution that combines our existing infrastructure with the latest technology that Parsec is already deploying, and enables us to serve a wide range of businesses and individuals around the world.”

Bitcoin Core, which was created by Satoshi Nakamoto in 2009, aims to provide a way to create digital currencies that operate outside of the traditional banking and payment systems.

In October, the Bitcoin Core developers released a roadmap to build the next version of Bitcoin, which is scheduled to be released sometime in 2021.

The team hopes to launch the software sometime in 2020.