What is Linux? | Linux FAQ

Linux is a free, open-source operating system, originally developed by the Free Software Foundation in 1989.

It is based on the Linux kernel and can run on most common Unix-like operating systems.

There are also many Linux variants, including the Open Linux Foundation’s Ubuntu Linux, which has been designed specifically for Linux systems.

Many Linux users rely on it for their work and entertainment, as well as for gaming.

There is no official version of Linux, but there are many unofficial distros that have Linux-specific features and applications.

Read more about Linux, hosts,linux ports,linux hosts source ABC New Zealand title ‘My life was better after I moved to Linux’: Man with autism has a Linux-based home article Man with a disability, who was born without speech and who suffers from autism, has been living on a Linux computer since 2012.

He said it has been an easy transition to Linux, where he can work from home, and enjoy his life.

Man with Autism’s computer has Linux.

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