Linux hosting, ccs linux hosting to launch in India

Linux hosting and ccs Linux hosting are set to begin operating in India by the end of the year, after Indian authorities approved their request for a licence.

“We are thrilled to announce the establishment of Linux hosting services in India, which will serve as the backbone for Indian companies and consumers to access the cloud and access the Indian ecosystem in a very affordable way,” said Gaurav Bhagat, chairman and CEO of CCS Linux.

The company has been granted a licence to operate under the Indian Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MEMIT) under the National Digital Infrastructure (NDI) Act, which allows companies to create cloud-based solutions.

The ministry said in a statement that the service is expected to be launched in mid-November.

“It will provide a highly scalable, scalable, and scalable platform that is fully interoperable with cloud-enabled platforms, such as Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, Amazon EC2 and Google Cloud Platform,” said the ministry.

The move is likely to pave the way for other Indian companies to adopt cloud-native services.

The Indian government said in September that it wants to create a new cloud-led ecosystem, which includes a new set of regulatory and technical guidelines for companies.