Trump’s foreign policy speech to the UN was supposed to be about “a plan to defeat ISIS” and “not Iran”

The UN General Assembly has passed a resolution that calls on all nations to “degrade, isolate and destroy” the Islamic State group and to “prevent the spread of such a threat”.

But Trump’s speech to UN leaders was meant to show that the US is determined to combat the terror group and defeat its ideological ideology.

The speech was supposed on the same day as the Paris attacks that killed 129 people, with Trump accusing the “evil Islamic State” of having “no ideology”.

“We will win, and defeat, and ultimately defeat ISIL, and they will have to leave,” Trump said.

The UN’s resolution was introduced by a French delegation, which included US Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley.

Trump has also called the Islamic state “a threat to all mankind”.

The resolution comes days after the Trump administration said it had ordered a review of its strategy to defeat the group, which it says is the most dangerous terrorist organisation on earth.

On Friday, Trump told the UN General Association of Muslim Youth that he was “not the target of any threats”.

The Trump administration’s top policy adviser, Gary Cohn, told reporters that the United States “does not consider ISIL to be a state entity”.

“There is no threat,” he said.

“We are focused on ISIL.

We are going after them at the international level, and we’re going after their leaders.”

The US has already taken steps to take on the group.

On Tuesday, the US said it would deploy up to 5,000 troops to the Kurdish-dominated region of northern Iraq.

The move follows the decision by the US to withdraw its forces from Iraq in March.

The Kurdish region has said it will be the first to take over control of the Kurdish capital of Erbil, which is also the main Kurdish city.