Linux Hosting: A Biggest Change for Canada’s Startup Community

A new version of Linux, version 3.4, will launch in Canada later this year, making the platform more widely available to new startups.

The move, announced in an announcement on Wednesday by the Linux Foundation, marks the third Linux release in five years, but the organization said it was taking its time.

The Foundation said it will roll out the new version to a select number of early-stage startups that were in the early stages of their projects.

The new release includes many changes, but there are two major additions: The new version supports the use of a new file system called ext4 for storage, a new version that can be installed on all modern computers, and support for a new filesystem called NTFS for sharing data on the Internet.

The other major change is that the Linux kernel has been upgraded to 2.6.27, an update that brings the latest security fixes and security features to the Linux operating system.

The release is a major milestone for the Linux community, which is expected to grow by more than half to 8 million users by 2020.

It comes just two months after Linux gained more than 2 million new users.

The Linux Foundation also said it is working with other community organizations, including the Open Source Initiative, to launch a crowdfunding campaign to build a free, open source version of the Linux distribution.

The fundraising campaign will be available through the Linux Project website on July 13.