Google’s cloud hosting service has just launched its first commercial service – the Google Cloud Platform linux hosts

Google’s new cloud hosting platform, called Cloud Linux Hosting, will launch next week with the first commercial offerings from companies including Dell, Microsoft, IBM and HP.

The new platform has just one customer – the web hosting company CloudFlare, which has already begun a pilot with its own cloud hosting offering.

The launch comes as Google continues to work on a range of new cloud services for its cloud computing services, including new virtual private servers (VPS) for developers, an alternative to dedicated servers for production environments.

In a blog post, Google said the Cloud Linux hosting platform would be the company’s first cloud service that offers full cloud hosting and hosting for the enterprise, “to help businesses with cloud deployments, virtualization and more.”

The platform also includes support for a range more advanced technologies such as virtualization, storage, file storage, authentication, and more.

Google has said its Cloud Linux hosts will have “the capability to scale quickly to meet the unique requirements of companies with cloud workloads.”

The company also said that its Cloud Platform servers will be available on “the Google Cloud” platform.

The Cloud Linux hosting platform also comes with support for Google’s open source Google Apps Engine software.

Cloud Linux is a cloud hosting product that provides services such as hosting, management, and access to data.

Cloud Hosting is available in more than 30 countries around the world and includes Google’s Cloud Platform, Google Apps and other open source applications.

Google’s announcement came as it announced its new Cloud Cloud Storage (GCS) platform.

It also added that it was working on adding support for its new virtual machine hardware, the Amazon VM-1, as well as new virtualization services for servers, storage and more, including its own virtualization solution.

Cloud Cloud Hosted will offer customers the ability to deploy virtualized, hosted and cloud services in a range that is “widely used across industries and geographic locations,” according to the announcement.

“Cloud Hosted is built for cloud infrastructure and cloud applications,” said John Graham, Cloud Hosts founder and CEO.

“Our goal is to provide the right solution for any company looking to move forward with their cloud deployment plans.”

Cloud Host hosted will also support cloud hosting from Microsoft and Dell, as it does from Microsoft Azure, Amazon’s cloud services and other cloud vendors.

Google said that it would be able to offer the services on the Google Platform at some point.

The company said that the new platform was “designed to be a flexible platform to enable cloud services to scale up or down, in response to the ever-changing needs of businesses.”

Cloud Cloud hosted will provide a number of cloud services that can be scaled up to support the needs of cloud workload and the “growing number of enterprises moving to cloud environments,” the company said.

It will also allow developers to use the Google App Engine platform and other Google services.

Cloud hosts “will be built to enable developers to build applications that run on Cloud Cloud hosts,” the announcement said.

“The ability to scale to meet a variety of cloud environments can be a challenge.

The ability to build a cloud service from scratch, while maintaining a high level of availability, can also be a challenging task.”

The announcement also said there was a “high likelihood” that the Cloud Host service would launch in the coming months.

Cloud hosted has already launched in the US and Europe, where it will be able offer the same cloud hosting services as its cloud-based competitor, Cloud Linux.

The platform is available for “cloud-based and cloud-hosted cloud computing, data center and server environments,” according Google.