Which Linux hosting company can we trust?

A host monitoring company called HostMonitor is offering a free service for those who want to monitor their Linux hosts for any issues.

“HostMonitor is one of the most reputable host monitoring providers in the UK, offering the highest quality service, reliability and fast response times,” it said.

“We are also committed to maintaining a low profile, as we do not want our customers or the public to be confused as to our affiliation with the host that has the issue.”

The company said the service was free for the first 30 days and that the cost would be “refundable” if the service went down.

“If you do not wish to pay, you may opt to purchase a one-time subscription to monitor your Linux hosts.

After the 30-day period, you will be able to choose to cancel your subscription,” it explained.

“This will result in you being able to monitor and report any issues that you have identified on your hosts for no cost.”

HostMonitor will also monitor your computer for viruses and other malware, and it said it will “provide you with the latest host monitoring data, such as CPU, RAM, network bandwidth and network performance, so you can be alerted and improve your network security”.