Why a startup founder’s vision for the Internet’s future is a lot like a bitcoin IPO

A Silicon Valley startup founder who wants to change the Internet by making it more decentralized is looking to bitcoin for a template for how to make the next step forward.

That’s why Andreessen Horowitz co-founder Peter Thiel is betting on Bitcoin’s future.

The idea of using blockchain technology to run a decentralized system is not new, but the concept has been less talked about and explored in the tech industry.

Bitcoin’s technology and blockchain have long been associated with the idea of decentralized applications and a blockchain that’s decentralized.

It has been a focus of Thiel’s efforts to make a more open Internet a reality.

That has led him to believe that the blockchain technology will allow for a more efficient system.

And Thiel sees it as the next big step for the world of finance and the world economy, not just for the blockchain, but for the technology that underpins the Internet itself.

Thiel’s latest book, “Darksend,” is based on the thesis that Bitcoin and other blockchain-based systems will be able to solve a lot of the problems that financial services have been facing in the future.

Bitcoin has been on the rise in value in recent months.

The digital currency, which uses a blockchain, has surged over 500% in value this year.

The value of bitcoin is now roughly equal to $13 billion, according to CoinMarketCap.

The currency is being used to buy goods and services from businesses and governments around the world, and as a way to finance the wars in Afghanistan and the Middle East.

“This is the first step in making the Internet more secure, and the second step is to make it more resilient,” Thiel wrote in a blog post announcing the book.

“I hope that this book will help to make this a reality.”

The book’s thesis is based largely on the work of Andreessen’s co-founders, Peter Thiel and Brendan Eich, the former Facebook CEO and co-CEO of PayPal who recently left the company.

The book is set to be released next month.

Thiel has said he is interested in cryptocurrencies as a means to build the Internet.

Thiel wrote on Twitter on Tuesday that he hopes to see the next great financial innovation coming from the blockchain and that Bitcoin is “one of them.”