How to host your first FA Cup match in Brazil

A host who wants to start hosting football matches in his home country has found a solution.

Aruba hosted the first FA cup match in their country.

The host started hosting football in Aruba, but they will now host the finals.

The host of the FA Cup final will host the tournament in the country.

According to a report in Brazil, the FA is keen to host football tournaments in other countries, including South America, in order to attract new players and generate revenues.

Aruban football federation president Jose Maria Alves said that there are already many people who have been wanting to start host their own football matches.

He told Brazilian radio that he had heard that the FA was keen to make Brazil the host of international tournaments.

He added that he is looking for hosts for tournaments in Argentina and South America. 

The FA has already started hosting tournaments in South America in the past.

The tournament in Argentina has been staged in Guadalajara.

It is the second time the host will host in Brazil.

The hosts will play the first cup match of the tournament, which is to be played in San Salvador.