What’s next for the UFC? | Fight night coverage

It’s time to make a decision on the future of the UFC.

The UFC has had a tumultuous history with its television partners, but there is no denying that it has done an excellent job in the last several years of its current status as the top fighting promotion in the world.

And, even as its television coverage has dipped over the years, the UFC’s social media presence has continued to grow.

But as the promotion’s social platform grows more complex, so too has the fight card.

And as it continues to do so, it’s hard to see how the UFC can continue to compete with the likes of Bellator and the likes that it already has.

The best the UFC could do for the next few years would be to look to the NFL, which is doing the same thing.

The NFL is in the midst of a ratings boom, and the NFL’s own digital platform, which allows viewers to watch games live and catch all the action online, is getting bigger.

The potential for a similar trend with the UFC is there for the long haul.

But the UFC needs to keep up the good work.

That’s why it is taking the step of announcing a new partnership with ESPN.

That partnership, which the UFC announced on Monday, will help the company grow its digital presence.

And it will help it to become the best fighting promotion the world has ever seen.

ESPN will carry UFC events through its digital platforms starting with a Sept. 25 fight card on ESPN2.

In the UFC, the partnership with the network will help to make the platform more accessible to the millions of viewers who watch the UFC on pay-per-view, as well as to the thousands of fans who tune in to the network to follow all the live events.

ESPN and the UFC will also work together on exclusive content and events, including the UFC Fight Night events.

The partnership will also provide the UFC with more ways to reach out to fans on social media, and it will make it easier for fans to follow the company and the fights it produces.

ESPN is in a similar position to how it began in the 1990s.

The network has made a name for itself with some of the best-known sports coverage in the country, including coverage of college football and NBA games, and has become an integral part of the sports fan experience in the U.S. And ESPN’s social platforms are growing at an incredible rate.

Its app now has more than 1.4 billion daily active users and a combined total of 1.2 billion monthly active users.

That gives ESPN a lot of room to grow in the future.

ESPN also is getting into other digital sports.

Last year, the network launched its ESPN3 streaming service, which has more fans than any other sports network.

And while ESPN has traditionally been the gatekeeper to the broadcast rights to professional sports, the company is also working with major broadcast networks to get its programming onto streaming platforms like Amazon Prime Video.

ESPN has been experimenting with its own content on its platform, including a series of live and on-demand sports packages that will debut in 2019.

ESPN’s next step is to try to make its social platform more relevant to fans of other sports.

The company recently announced a partnership with HBO for a live-streamed show called The Ringer’s Summer Classic, which will air live on ESPN during the Summer League.

The show will be followed by a series called The Undefeated, a series featuring former NFL players who will be discussing their favorite topics, as the NFL playoffs approach.

And the company announced a new series called ESPN Insider, which would focus on breaking down all the news, analysis and commentary on the most important sports stories of the day.

The content of those shows will be curated by the company’s own writers and will be available to watch on the UFC Twitter account.

In a world where ESPN’s digital platforms continue to grow, the promotion needs to stay relevant to its core fans.

The idea is that the UFC has been doing a great job of reaching out to those fans in the past, but it is time for the promotion to start making a concerted effort to expand its reach beyond its core audience.

The last thing the UFC should do is let its social presence dwindle, as it has for the past few years.

That is why it’s so important for the company to keep going.

The move from the UFC to ESPN will give the company a lot more room to make improvements to its digital platform.

It will allow it to better understand its fans, and to do better in its goal of building a digital brand that can rival the likes in the NFL and the NBA.

And that is exactly what the UFC already has accomplished.